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Topic: James Budden’s Portraits AM
Time: Friday 2-4pm

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Portraits  1:01 Simple anatomy Skull animation Source images Class images
 Portraits 1:02  Lighting Lighting guide Downloadable Pdf

 Portraits 1:03  Triangles and Alignment Triangles and alignment Downloadable Pdf

Angles and measurement
 Portraits 1:04  Eyes Eyes Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits 1:05   Nose and mouth Example image Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits 1:06 Facial areas (and ears) Example images Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits 1:07 Planes and tone Example images Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits 1:08 Composition Example image Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits 1:09 Methods Example images Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits 1:10 Combining approaches Example image Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits 1:11 Colour and the Zorn palette Example images Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits. Hand demo Example images Downloadable Pdf
 Portraits. Simplest necessary elements Example images Downloadable Pdf