Friday PM. 1.30-4.
This will be a new format of individual projects. Each class will have a demonstration, Followed by individual critiques. Again, you are welcome to offer source material or images you might like me to use as a basis.

Alongside these classes, I will be making some standalone videos which all members will have access to. My hope is that eventually these will form complete courses in themselves, but in the meantime I’d be very pleased if you could watch (and hopefully enjoy) them and give me any feedback you may have


A straightforward approach to challenging subject.

This course will take you through various approaches to producing a satisfying portrait. Subjects covered will include:

Anatomy and physiognomy



Rendering fleshtones

The Zorn palette

and an introduction to various methods such as sight-size, Florentine atelier and the Loomis method.

The cost is £40 per month. You can choose to pay monthly, or with a recurring payment to keep your place. If  you don’t wish to continue, you can cancel before the next month starts.

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