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From November 12th 2020, I will be hosting classes on drawing, oil painting, and portraiture using Zoom.

I have a multi-camera setup in my studio for demonstrations and face to face chat. We can share images and I can annotate on the screen in real time. It’s an immersive experience.

In addition, I will be producing videos and support material which you can view or download at any time from this site. You can subscribe to access the members area with the weekly Zoom link and class materials. Just click the ‘register’ button below and choose your class.

The classes are £50 per month. The posts below describe the individual classes.

I really appreciate your support in keeping these classes and our community going, and I look forward to seeing you!


“The class is encouraging, informative , it is a joy to be here”

“I have gained so much”

Live classes on Zoom

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