Drawing. Unlock your inner artist.

20th Nov – 19th Feb (not 25th Dec or 1st Jan). 12 places available.

Friday AM 10.30 – 12.30 + weekly video to prepare for the lesson.

The purpose of this 12 week course is to put you in touch with the part of you that can already draw. We will progress through a series of exercises to build practical skills that will solve most of the problems we encounter when drawing a picture.

I’ll also be looking into the psychology and habits that hold us back from unlocking our creative talent and artistic potential, and exploring the ways in which we see, with some interactive experiments.

You may be a complete beginner, or an experienced artist who wants to brush up on your skills. This course aims to reveal your innate artistic ability, and delve into the fascinating discussion of what it is to ‘see like an artist’.


Each week I will introduce a new concept, accompanied with an exercise that you can practice in your own time as well as following in the online class. I’ll do a demonstration to show you what the exercise entails, and guide you towards understanding the value it can bring to your own art practice.

Some subjects we will cover are:

Drawing from observation – sighting and measuring.

Line and tone




You can do the course with only a pencil and office paper, but I would recommend the following:

An A4 or A3 sketchbook (cartridge paper)

A range of at least 3 or 4 pencils, from HB(medium hardness) to 6B(soft).

If you want to push the boat out, some grey paper (sugar paper is fine) and chalk & charcoal will give you a chance to really play

and that’s all!


To join, just click the register button, which will take you to the registration page. Choose your course and a user name and password. You can keep this simple as no sensitive data – such as card or bank details –  is kept on the site.

Your subscription will give you access to the members area, containing the Zoom link, plus lesson videos and source material as it is published. You will also receive emails with links and reminders pertaining to the course.

The weekly online zoom class is on Fridays from 10.30-12.30 UK time. Join me in the studio where we can chat face-to-face, share what we’ve been doing, and I can give you useful feedback on how effectively you’ve been following the exercises and the lessons.

Access to the Zoom classes and the weekly videos and worksheets is £50 per month (three instalments maximum). Numbers are limited to 12. You can cancel at any time.